All photography provided by Airtab

Airtab for Charities™ events brings people together to enjoy great food and craft cocktails -  all in the name of giving back. #RaiseYourSpirits 


Our Mission

Our goal is to raise millions of dollars for both local and national non-profit organizations by creating memorable experiences that benefit those in need. Through Airtab, we offer complimentary drinks that support group or individual host fundraising efforts.

The app worked flawlessly and we especially loved how we could offer two complimentary cocktails to each guest with donation..
Airtab makes a great partner because the app assists in fundraising, allows for follow up with attendees and additional touch-points with donors.
— Richard Gaff, LLS Team in Training Candidate


We set up fundraising events at the best bars and restaurants across the country and turn an evening of giving back into a memorable experience. With our partnering brands, we are able to offer complimentary drinks for guests during these events under full compliancy with state and federal laws. 

The process to get started is very easy. Simply choose a restaurant that you would like to host the charity event at, and fill out the application form. An Airtab team member will contact you personally to get the details arranged!


Meet. Drink. Share.™